Sewing up a Cyclist

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Sewing up a Cyclist

Sewing up a Cyclist

This injury was sustained during a Variety Day cycling event when the cyclist braked hard and went over his handle bars, cutting his hand on the brake disk when landing on the bike ahead .

The cyclist was really upset at the prospect at not being able to continue and finish the day and raise the money for his charity. After reassurance the wound was cleaned and irrigated, the hand was checked for any neuro deficit along with inspections to check for any foreign body that may be left in.

After local anaesthetic injected into the wound so the patient would not be in any pain whilst stitching his wound back the wound was then sutured.  The patient was advised the gentleman on wound care.

The cyclist was back on his bike in 30 minutes and he was able to continue and raised over £2000 for his chosen charity.  He was extremely grateful and as if it wasn’t for our medical cover, a trip to hospital would have been required and this cyclist would not have been able to continue that day losing sponsorship for his charity.

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