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The Private Paramedic Services team welcomes Dr Neelesh as our new medical advisor.

Dr Neelesh is a long serving General Practitioner who is joining Private Paramedic and his will be assisting in maintaining and improving our service to our customers.

This injury was sustained during a Variety Day cycling event when the cyclist braked hard and went over his handle bars, cutting his hand on the brake disk when landing on the bike ahead .

The cyclist was really upset at the prospect at not being able to continue and finish the day and raise the money for his charity. After reassurance the wound was cleaned and irrigated, the hand was checked for any neuro deficit along with inspections to check for any foreign body that may be left in.

After local anaesthetic injected into the wound so the patient would not be in any pain whilst stitching his wound back the wound was then sutured.  The patient was advised the gentleman on wound care.

The cyclist was back on his bike in 30 minutes and he was able to continue and raised over £2000 for his chosen charity.  He was extremely grateful and as if it wasn’t for our medical cover, a trip to hospital would have been required and this cyclist would not have been able to continue that day losing sponsorship for his charity.

Geoff Thomas (former England footballer) was a cyclist on the Le Tour – One Day Ahead

Here is his feedback on our services..

We acquired Dale’s Private Paramedic Services for the first time during my ‘Le Tour – One Day Ahead’ challenge and I cannot speak highly enough of his dedication and professionalism. The medical support he offered my team of amateur cyclists was exceptional. Dale played a pivotal role in many of them completing the toughest physical and mental challenges of their lives.

Read our the Le Tour – One Day Ahead medical support case study

If you are organising an event you need to ensure your organisation meets its medical cover obligations. We’ve created a guide to provide an insight into what may be required, but to ensure correct medical cover is provided for an event or function its important to have the event risk assessed.

Please see our event medical cover guide

Another day at the office ! Check-out our neat needlework on this sutured finger.

Surgical suture (usually called stitches) is a medical technique eployed to hold body tissues together after injury or other surgical procedure. The process generally involves using a needle with an attached length of thread to sew. If you are interested you can read more about Suturing


We’ve just returned from providing paramedic cover and medical support for a charity cycle event in Majorca. The 41 cyclists were all from Intrinsic Financial Services who were riding to raise funds for The Samaritans, the chosen charity partner for the Intrinsic Charitable Foundation.

See the case study here

We’ve been providing paramedic cover for the UK stages of the Tour De France. It was great for PPS to be a part of an event of this magnitude, working well with others in order to deliver a successful event.

See the case study

Meningitis should be treated as a medical emergency because bacterial meningitis can lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning), which can be fatal.

Bacterial meningitis

Bacterial meningitis is the more serious form of the condition. The symptoms usually begin suddenly and rapidly get worse. If you suspect a case of bacterial meningitis, you should phone 999 immediately to request an ambulance.

There are some early warning signs you may notice before the other symptoms appear.

Early warning signs

Bacterial meningitis has a number of early warning signs that usually occur before the other symptoms. These are:

  • pain in the muscles, joints or limbs, such as in the legs or hands
  • unusually cold hands and feet, or shivering
  • pale or blotchy skin and blue lips

The presence of a high temperature (fever) with any of the above symptoms should be taken very seriously. Phone 999 immediately to request an ambulance.

Early symptoms

The early symptoms of bacterial meningitis are similar to those of many other conditions, and include:

  • a severe headache
  • fever
  • nausea (feeling sick)
  • vomiting (being sick)
  • feeling generally unwell

A fever is where you have a body temperature that is higher than usual. In general, in both adults and children this is taken to be a temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above.

Other signs of fever include:

  • your face is hot to the touch
  • you look red or flushed


Later symptoms

As the condition gets worse it may cause:

  • drowsiness
  • confusion
  • seizures or fits
  • being unable to tolerate bright lights (photophobia) – this is less common in young children
  • a stiff neck – also less common in young children
  • a rapid breathing rate
  • a blotchy red rash that does not fade or change colour when you place a glass against it (a rash is not always present)

Babies and young children

The symptoms of bacterial meningitis are different in babies and young children. Possible symptoms include:

  • becoming floppy and unresponsive, or stiff with jerky movements
  • becoming irritable and not wanting to be held
  • unusual crying
  • vomiting and refusing feeds
  • pale and blotchy skin
  • loss of appetite
  • a staring expression
  • very sleepy and reluctant to wake up

Some babies will develop a swelling in the soft part of their head (fontanelle).


Private Paramedic Services are proud to announce that they have a new contract with Uppingham School providing all of the paramedic and medical cover for their sporting events.

Uppingham School, founded in 1584, encourages boys and girls to take part in and enjoy all the many sports on offer, catering for all abilities and talents.

The School has an enviable number of playing fields, covering some 65 acres, and a superb new Sports Centre. Dependent on the season these grounds accommodate many different sports. In the autumn term, for example, there are nine rugby, five hockey and two lacrosse pitches in use. There are also three Astroturf hockey/tennis surfaces, plus Savannah and hard court tennis courts, netball courts, fives courts, a shooting range, climbing wall and an historic 1st XI cricket pitch.

The Uppingham School Sports Centre (USSC) opened in September 2010. This fantastic facility houses a large six-court sports hall, six-lane 25m swimming pool, gymnasium, glass-backed squash courts, two dance studios, 53-station fitness studio and a hospitality suite.

We look forward to working with the School to give their pupils the best possible medical care for their sporting events. We hope that this will be a long professional relationship.

We’ve just returned from providing paramedic services for the National Ice Skating Association

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