Private Ambulance Service

Private Ambulance Service

Private Ambulance Service Staging an event means that you need to meet health and safety standards. Not only is this necessary in order to meet legislation, and also to ensure that insurance is valid, but it means that you can run a successful and safe event. A private ambulance service can offer emergency response and accident treatment, and Private Paramedic Services is a leading provider of private medical services for events and functions.

Whether you are organising a team building day for work, planning a major festival with thousands of guests, or are a sporting event organiser, we can provide the private ambulance hire or other medical services that you need. We have first aiders, paramedics, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and emergency care assistants that can combine to create the ideal medical support for your event.

Level of Risk

Before deciding whether you require private ambulance hire or less expensive event medical services, you need to perform a risk assessment. Private Paramedic Services can conduct this assessment for you, determining the number and level of risks, as well as the severity of injuries and illnesses that are likely to be caused. We can then provide you with a no-obligation quote for the medical services you need. Our team are friendly and professional, all of our medical team have the relevant and up-to-date medical qualifications, and we can be relied upon to help staff any event.

The level of risk is how likely a particular incident is to happen. A falling stage could potentially cause major injuries, but as long as the surface has been prepared properly and the construction team know how to safely construct it, the level of risk should be minimal.

Type of Risk

Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, there will be a variety of types of risk faced. Risks can be physical, such as the chance of a stage collapsing. They can be situational. For example, the chance of crowds being pushed up against barriers, or other crowd based injuries. Wet ground or an excessively sunny day can also pose potential hazards, while alcohol related incidents and even food poisoning are very real possibilities at some events.

You should try to identify all types of possible risk, including those that seem unlikely. Private Paramedic Services can assist in the risk assessment, therefore ensuring that you identify all the possible risks. A risk assessment can be used to help obtain an event licence, may need to be provided to your insurance company to get event insurance, or it could prove invaluable if an accident occurs. Your risk assessment could be used for any legal investigation that is undertaken and it could prevent you from facing criminal or civil action.

Event Details

Private Paramedic Services provides medical event services tailored to a huge range of different types of event. We can support the local authorities for local and regional events; we can provide first aid support for parties and other social gatherings; and we can provide medical support for garden parties, for music festivals, or for any type of event. Our range of services include a private ambulance service. We can offer private paramedics, first aiders, and we can offer nurses for major events too.

Do You Need A Private Ambulance Service?

In a lot of cases, a private ambulance isn’t necessary. Our Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Care Assistants, for example, are able to identify problems, treat emergency health problems, and help save lives and prevent further injuries and illnesses. We can also establish an on-site medical surgery centre, offering walk-in services to all attendees that have health concerns, and an on-call service that means injuries and illnesses are treated quickly and efficiently.

Private Paramedic Services

Private Paramedic Services utilises qualified and trained medical professionals to support events and event organisers. Whatever the event you are planning, and whether it is open to the public or a closed function, you need to provide suitable medical cover to prepare for any physical injuries or illnesses. We can conduct a risk analysis on your behalf and provide all the healthcare professionals that your event demands. Contact us today to see how we can help ensure that your event goes smoothly and safely.

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