What medical cover do you need for your event or function?

What medical cover do you need for your event or function?

Event organisers…

Some important questions to help you organise appropriate medical cover for your event or function…

1) Would you say your event is low or high risk?:
  • low-risk (low chance of injury)
  • high-risk – it is expected that participant will be injured (contact sport, martial arts)
2) Duty of care for event
  • Are you covering crowds, and or participants (boxing, cyclists, sports players)?
  • Participants – what is the maximum anticipated capacity at your venue?
Why do you, as event organiser, need to provide cover for crowds?

The local ambulance service will expect you to provide medical cover and not rely on their resources to support your event. You may not get a licence for your event if you have not proved that you have adequate medical cover for your event.

What if you don’t fulfil your duty of care

The consequences of not providing adequate medical cover for your event would be closure. Local councils will generally require evidence of the cover that you have organised and your event may be not approved if you don’t meet the requirements.

Examples (for guidance only)


Including; Motorcycle racing, Drag racing, Banger racing, Track days etc

Motorcycle racing event with 1000 visitors you might need 6 first aiders 2 ambulances and 2 to 4 paramedics.

Ring events

Including ; Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts

Kick boxing match with 100 visitors might need 3 paramedics. If 1 paramedic is treating a fighter after their fight, it will still leave 2 paramedics to observe the following fight. This enables the event to continue with the minimum paramedic’s ringside.

Cycle events, Equestrian events

A stage at a national cycle tour with anticipated 1000 visitors, you may only need 1 or 2 paramedics as the cyclists and paramedics will be always mobile.

Corporate events, private function

For example for an awards ceremony evening with 100 visitors you might need only 1 paramedic due to the low risk of injury.


Music festival event with 10,000 visitors you might need 10 first aiders, 6 paramedics and a Doctor.  This would also require an on-site medical centre (usually supplied by the medical team). Your medical cover and needs vary depending on your event and can be very complicated if you are not aware of government guidelines.

Important – this information is strictly for guidance only. The actual cover requirements can only be determined by a risk assessment (that we can provide) to ensure you have adequate cover.

How can we help

We will establish exactly what medical cover you need and make risk assessments based on your event specifics and provide an informal proposal to specify the required cover for your event. We work with you in making sure your event runs smoothly and within the guidelines.

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