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General Services

Private Paramedic Services is a private medical support company providing paramedics and private first aid services for private, corporate, and social events. We will help you conduct a risk assessment to determine your needs, provide the first aid and paramedic cover to support, and ensure that all current and relevant legislation is met. All of our medical personnel are chosen for their level of qualifications, and whatever your event you can enjoy a high level of professional service and care.

Risk Assessment

When planning any event or function, you should conduct a thorough risk assessment to determine the potential risks and hazards, how these can be avoided, and the number of trained personnel that you need on site. A risk assessment will also help to ascertain the type of trained medical professionals that you require. A small event may only need one or two trained first aid staff, whereas a larger event may benefit from having paramedics, medical technicians, and emergency care practitioners.

At Private Paramedic Services we can assist in providing a risk assessment, by working with you and your personnel and meeting current health and safety legislation. We will identify the risks that could lead to illness or injury, in order that we can provide the medical services that your event and your attendees require. Risk assessments not only enable us to determine the appropriate level of medical services required, they are also often required for insurance and for regulatory requirements.


Our event medical services can be used for any type of event, occasion, or function. As event organiser, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate level of medical cover. Even if you have trained first aid personnel within your organisation or attending the event, it is likely that you will need additional medical support services. Your risk assessment needs to include the personnel and staff that are managing the event, as well as any guests and other attendees. Private Paramedic Services can provide staff for music events, local occasions, and we can provide location medical services for TV and film production.

Our private EMS services can liaise with local emergency services, further ensuring the safety of your guests and the overall safety levels of your event.

Some types of event, such as sporting events, may require that you have medical professionals in place to treat sporting injuries, as well as additional medical services for fans and other guests. For contacting sporting events, this is an especially important factor to consider.


Festivals tend to be very large events, may involve alcohol and drugs, and can require a considerable medical presence. In order to be granted a festival licence, you will need to show that you have adequate medical services in place. Small events may only require one or two paramedics, supported by first aiders, but larger festivals may necessitate a large network of medical professionals including private paramedic professionals and other emergency care practitioners.

Having an on-site medical centre should be considered a priority if you will have a very large number of guests. You will need documented emergency procedures in place and you will have to be able to liaise quickly and efficiently with local emergency services, and our professionally trained private EMT and health professionals can help meet these requirements.


In order to ensure that an event is adequately staffed with private EMS services, you can use a number of different healthcare professionals provided by Private Paramedic Solutions. An Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that the quality of care provided meets the required standards. They are usually nurses or paramedics that have undergone additional training to deal with emergency situations and assessing injuries and illnesses. Paramedics are trained to offer life support techniques, and to administer drugs for trauma and emergency situations. Nurses, private EMT professionals, and Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs) can also form a part of the emergency medical team at your event.

Private Paramedic Services

Whatever event you are planning, whether it is a local or national event, and whether it is a corporate or private event, Private Paramedic Services can provide medical services to help ensure that you host a safe event, that you meet regulatory requirements, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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