Events Medical Services

Events Medical Services

When planning any kind of event, you first need to assess your medical requirements, considering factors like the number of people that will attend and any type of possible risk. Once you’ve determined the likely risks, you need to ensure that you have the trained personnel on hand that will be able to deal with any injuries and illnesses. The type and extent of risks will vary according to the event, while factors such as the number of attendees and even the type of event that you are planning, will also have a direct impact on the event medical cover that you require.

Private Paramedic Services can provide a network of trained professionals, from EMTs and paramedics to nurses and first aiders. We can conduct a risk assessment with you, and we can help liaise with local emergency services in order to help you meet legal regulations and insurance requirements while helping you to offer a safe environment for your attendees. Even if you have trained first aid personnel working at the event, you may need to support these professionals with private event medical services.

Assess Your Needs

Before you are able to determine the type and level of medical cover that you need, you will have to conduct a risk assessment. A risk assessment means identifying the likely hazards and risks that are posed to everybody at the event. If you are planning a sporting event, then you need to assess the risk to competitors, as well as to fans and guests.

The potential risks can take many forms. Outdoor events need to include an assessment of weather and ground conditions, for example, while festival organisers should consider the possibility of alcohol and drug related incidents, as well as accidents caused primarily as a result of the size and proximity of the crowd.

A risk assessment should use as much information as you have available. This means that we need to know the number of people that are likely to attend, the type of events and activities that will take place, and whether there are any high risk activities. Using this information, as well as any information on current and existing first aid and event medical cover you have, we can help you to determine what requirements you have for your event.

Types of Event

We can deal with events of any size and type. Whether your event will play host to 20 corporate attendees or thousands of festival goers, having adequate event medical cover is vital. Private Paramedic Services can cover any type of event, including the following:

  • Business And Corporate – While some team building events take place in locations with professional medical coverage of their own, this isn’t always the case but you need to ensure that participants stay safe and healthy during the event. Our events medical team can also be used for company parties, summer balls, product launches, and VIP functions.
  • Sporting Events – Sporting events tend to require events medical cover for the participants, as well as additional cover for fans and other attendees. Events like boxing, where there is a definite risk of injury, will have a very real need for private medical cover. Motor sports, cycling, rugby, football, and other physical sports have similar medical cover needs. If there will be a large crowd of fans or guests, then extra event paramedics can also help you ensure a safe event.
  • Festivals – Festivals tend to be large events with considerable crowds of people. There is the potential for injury caused by the sheer number of people that attend, as well as potential alcohol related incidents. Your risk assessment should also consider factors like the weather, because if guests are drinking on a sunny day then they will be prone to dehydration and other related health problems.
  • TV And Film Productions – Private Paramedic Services can offer location medical services for TV, film, and radio productions. Equipment can cause hazards that lead to accidents, while crowds can soon gather. Medical cover may also be a part of your contractual requirements, which means that you are obliged to provide this cover.

Private Medical Personnel

Whatever event you are organising, Private Paramedic Services has the personnel to help provide suitable emergency medical cover. We can provide professional and qualified teams consisting of EMTs, nurses, first aiders, and paramedics. We can also set up on-site medical assessment centres, and we can conduct a complete risk assessment to ensure that you arrange the right level of medical staffing for your function. Call us today to discuss how we can help you arrange a safe event.

We understand the importance of your company’s reputation. Having the comfort of knowing that you have the right, and appropriate, level of qualified medical cover ensures your organisational reputation.

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